Venture Investments

Having a business idea is extremely excited, and often we can see the big fortunes in the far distance. However good ideas require specialists, to monetize and commercialize a great idea. This process requires a step-by-step systematic approach.

We assist businesses from ambitious idea, to becoming a viable business. Or we assist existing business with expansion and growth to new markets, larger profits and expand their reach.

At GooG Capital we provide venture investments for IT-related ventures, businesses, ideas, plans and products. We are always on the lookout for unique new products and services, that would trigger our investors interests. Our extensive network stretches around the globe, and consists of business people, CEO’s, banking and finance specialists, investors, tech guru’s, business consultants, government & ministry relations, and industry specific business clubs.

Our team of investment specialists and technopreneurs will vet your initial pitch, after which a full 30-minute panel presentation will be scheduled.

How To Get A Pitch With GooG Capital?

GooG Capital truly believe that the best business ideas start at the kitchen table.  Pitching to us for funding is easy. Presenting to us is much more difficult, however we will provide plenty of guidance to you and your team to offer us a strong presentation.

Fill out the form underneath, and we will email clear instructions for your initial pitch.

GooG Capital Pitch Application

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Trust & NDA

We fully understand that you might not want to share all the details of your plans, however not sharing will not get you funded with venture investments either.

If an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) would be required, feel free to ask for it, as to us these are standard procedures in our line of business.