Each and every business or project, but even good ideas, require adequate funding from the start. An underfunded start can cause harm to the continuity of any plans. Underfunded projects are stressed by it, which often also harms the creativity of the team.

The creative team should not be hampered by unnecessary distractions as funding. They are important but should not influence the day-to-day operations.

However it is a given that each new project requires:

Time, Effort & Money

GooG Capital Sdn Bhd can take these worries about funding away, by presenting your ideas, plans and business to a panel of professional investors well-versed in the tech industry. They do understand the needs of a technopreneur, and how proper funding can boost and propel a project forward towards profitability.

Feel free to contact us, and pitch your ideas to us, in order for us to find interested parties.